This is the third incarnation of the Photon Game Viewer. The first being part of the Photon Baltimore BBS, the second a slightly improved web-based version of the same (but in the mid-90s).

This is pretty simple stuff.

Basic search functionality is currently not implemented, so finding the games you're interested is a bit of a pain. The +1/-1 {game,day} navigation is also basic -- so if you're working your way around collections such as Laurel & Baltimore, you'll want to tweak the game ID number in the URL to make larger dates.
Hint: Putting 'start' and 'end' in place of the game id will cause it to jump to where you think it might jump.

Some of the data is bad.

Actually, the laurel data is pretty good -- though the timestamps on some of the games looks off. I think it's a timezone problem, and might have it fixed shortly. However, the old Baltimore data was scraped off hard drives that had bad sectors, and sometimes when people would reboot they wouldn't always set the date & time on the computer correctly (or it would just reset, because the '80s).

...or just not useful.

The classic game software didn't store codenames in its game records, just passport numbers. However, when/if search functionailty becomes available, you'll be able to search for your old passport numbers -- which will certainly help. Better yet, something that would allow people to "claim" their old IDs and then be able to display their codenames instead? That sounds like a good idea.

Do YOU happen to have old data sitting around?

If you made off when your Photon's Data Computer when it closed, your GMNEW.DAT file may be of interest. Or, if you happened to work for the mothership and have been keeping a treasure trove of the really old stuff to yourself -- let me know.